Solveig Klepper


University of Tübingen
Department of Computer Science
Maria von Linden Str. 6
72076 Tübingen

Room: 30-5/A19
Phone: +49 (0)7071 29-70806
E-mail: solveig.klepper (at)

Since October 2020, I am a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ulrike von Luxburg in the Theory of Machine Learning group (TML) at Tuebingen university, computer science department.

  • Solveig Klepper, Christian Elbracht, Diego Fioravanti, Jakob Kneip, Luca Rendsburg, Maximilian Teegen, Ulrike von Luxburg, Clustering with Tangles: Algorithmic Framework and Theoretical Guarantees. arXiv