Research Seminar "Machine Learning Theory"

This is the research seminar by Ulrike's group.

When and where

Each thursday 14:00 - 15:00. Until further notice, all meetings take place virtually! To participate in the virtual meetings, please drop an email to Sebastian.


Most sessions take place in form of a reading group: everybody reads the assigned paper before the meeting. Then we jointly discuss the paper in the meeting. Sometimes we also have talks by guests or members of the group.


Everybody who is interested in machine learning theory: Students, PhD students and researchers of the University of Tübingen. We do not mind people dropping in and out depending on whether they find the current session interesting or not.

Upcoming meetings

Suggested topics for future meetings

We meant to pick a couple of new topics to dive into, see the google doc that Leena has created.

Past meetings

Listed here.

Suggested papers for future meetings

Feel free to make suggestions!
If you do, please (i) try to select short conference papers rather than 40-page-journal papers; (ii) please put your name when entering suggestions; it does not mean that you need to present it, but then we can judge where it comes from;