Open positions for a PhD student and a Postdoc in explainable ML

The Theory of Machine Learning group at the University of Tuebingen, led by Prof. Ulrike von Luxburg, is looking for one PhD student and one Postdoc in the field of explainable machine learning.

You will work on the theoretical analysis of explanation algorithms, a field that is highly relevant when it comes to applying machine learning algorithms in social contexts. This work requires strong mathematical skills (the goal is to formulate theorems and prove them), implementation skills (to gain intuition and validate your results), and an open mind when it comes to talking to researchers in neighboring disciplines such as social sciences, ethics or law.

Tuebingen is a small university town in the south of Germany, and one of the hotspots for machine learning research in Europe. You will be located on the Tuebingen ML Research Campus, with more than 100 PhD students and 20 faculty members in machine learning.

The PhD student is payed according 75% E13 German payscale, the Postdoc according to 100% E13 German payscale. Both positions run for three years, the starting dates are flexible.

The formal requirement for the PhD student position is a completed Master degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related subjects, with strong background in mathematics and machine learning. For the postdoc, we additionally require a completed doctoral degree and a good publication record at the international machine learning venues.

For the PhD student position, please apply through the Ellis PhD program or the International Max Planck School for Intelligent Systems and select Ulrike von Luxburg as your potential supervisor.

For the Postdoc position, please apply to us directly: please create a first, single pdf file that contains the following material in the given order: a letter explaining why you are interested in our research, CV, list of publications (if applicable), a research statement about your own past and potential future research (postdocs); contact details of two potential references (link to homepage, email address, phone number), certificates of your high school and undergraduate degrees (Bachelor, Master), including all transcripts of records. In a second pdf file, please submit your favorite paper or master thesis. Please ensure both files are named with your last name and send them to Patrizia Balloch. There is no firm deadline, we will screen applications as they come in.

The University of Tuebingen aims to increase the proportion of women in research and therefore urges suitably qualified women scientists to apply. Qualified international researchers are expressly invited to apply. Severely disabled persons with equal aptitude will be given preferential consideration.