Practical Tübingen AI Exhibition
(Winter term 2022/23)

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Lecturer: Ulrike von Luxburg

In spring 2023, the Stadtmuseum Tübingen (Museum of Tübingen) is planning to hold an exhibition about AI: What is AI, what can it do, what is the critical debate about AI about, how is all of this related to Tübingen, etc. The purpose of this practical is to implement and build an ``object'' that is going to be shown in the exhibition.

The plans for the objects have already been developed in the seminar that took place last term, in joint work with anthropology students. The teams have already been formed, new students cannot participate.


Many meetings will take place, some of them jointly with all of us and all the anthropology students, some of them in small groups, discussing all individual projects. Times will be arranged though Ilias.